What Your Favourite Trigonometry Ratio Says About You

What Your Favourite Trigonometry Ratio Says About You
Karen Gilmore

Your fave trig ratio reveals who you actually are.

Karen Gilmore
Picture credit score: Karolina Grabowska (Pexels)

Sine (sin): You’re extremely intuitive, but additionally hedonistic and thus susceptible to delight, wrath, lust, sloth, envy, greed, and gluttony. You’re at the moment pondering how gluttony differs from greed. “Redundancy should replace gluttony as a deadly sin,” you’re pondering to your self, and now you’re pridefully laughing aloud at your individual little joke.

Cosine (cos): Beneficiant to a fault, you could guard towards codependency and keep away from being taken benefit of by others, notably the emotional vampires whose favourite trig ratio is sine. You must actually inform your pal Leslie that you simply’re allergic to eggs in order that she stops serving you quiche each time you go to brunch at her place.

Tangent (tan): You’ve gotten issue focussing on one factor at a time, but additionally have very courtly manners and a eager appreciation of prime hats. You could be taught to be extra attentive as a way to lastly keep in mind to use a nickel-sized dollop of sunscreen to your face somewhat than the dime-sized dollop you’ve incorrectly and really recklessly been utilizing.

Cosecant (csc), Secant (sec) or Cotangent (cot): You take into account your self a nonconformist, however you’ll be able to come throughout as fairly pretentious, at all times trying to showcase your fancy-pants information and show your superiority to the jejune riffraff of the world, whose fundamental style in wine, cheese, films, and trig ratios you decide wanting.

No Favourite: You suck at math and in addition endure from a whole lack of caprice. You must watch A Lovely Thoughts, Stand and Ship, and any movie primarily based on the books of beloved youngsters’s creator Roald Dahl. You also needs to attempt making sock monkeys, twirling in your native meadow, and sporting rockabilly type clothes.

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