Meet Karen, Our Most Standard Escort

Meet Karen, Our Most Standard Escort
Ashley de Leon Lopez

She’d like to talk to the supervisor — of your penis.

Ashley de Leon Lopez

Photograph by Maru Lombardo on Unsplash

Right here at Beautiful Women escort company, now we have so many great escorts to select from, however these days it have to be stated that the one getting probably the most work is Karen — by far!

Who knew males have been really so interested in this archetype? When Karen first utilized to work right here, we thought, no manner! Males hate that type of bossy, entitled feminine. And the Karen haircut! You understand, the uneven pixie, with lengthy bangs within the entrance and spiky layers that stick straight up within the again, that appears to say, “I’m a porcupine and I’m about to prick you.” After which there’s that tone of voice that Karen makes use of. It’s so privileged and smug and shaming. We actually didn’t suppose males would wish to spend their hard-earned cash to be spoken to that manner.

Have been we fallacious!

Immediately Karen was booked stable, and the evaluations! Nicely, check out them. It’s 5 star after 5 star.

“Karen was totally mean to me from the start. She made me feel like I was inferior, incompetent, and at fault. But I had no idea for what? What did I even do? She just started laying into me — while taking off her clothes off. Wow! Confusing and a little bit demeaning, but a total turn on! Then she told me that if I didn’t come over there and ‘do’ her she would report me to the ‘boss of sex.’ Sign me up for more Karen. Yes, please!” Greg in Littleton

? Please fill out the request type beneath, and please specify how excessive you need Karen to show up the hoity-toity. There are 5 ranges:

FAQ About Karen

Q. Throughout foreplay, can she threaten to inform the supervisor how small my dick is?

Not solely that, she will be able to convey props like a magnifying glass to humiliate you even additional!

Q. Can she have a complete meltdown and name me all types of names whereas sporting pasties and crotchless panties, and may I fake to movie her on my iPhone to additional enrage her after which can I put up it on YouTube?

There’s no such factor as unhealthy press! Simply make sure to plug Beautiful Women Escort Company within the feedback!

Q. Can Karen run me over along with her minivan as a result of I’m in “her parking spot?” After which if I’m not useless can she have intercourse with me on the curb?

Positive, Karen loves a superb tussle! However when you are useless, you’re not getting your a refund. Don’t even attempt asking to talk to the supervisor.

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