How to Win Clients with a Unique and

I sprinkled my personality all over my words.

1. The Strangers

A new prospect messages me, telling me what they need regarding content writing for their blog, asking if I could help.

  • What’s a popular post on the CEO’s Linkedin profile?
  • What’s the nicest review they’ve ever gotten?

2. The Smile

While my approach certainly won’t work for every prospect, I can say with 90% confidence that the little appreciation is going to put a smile on anybody’s face.

3. The Collaboration

I always keep a smile on my face. After all, we only interact online — and quite rarely, as my deliverables can be delivered via email. So, if our time together is limited, I might as well make it enjoyable for both of us.

  • Active listening — as an introvert, all I’ve ever done in my life is observe. I’ve never really liked talking, so I was super happy just sitting and listening. Turns out, it’s now a superpower.

4. The Delivery — essential!

This is where the test really showed me how important it is to be human.

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