How To Throw A Virtual Party In 2021

How To Throw A Virtual Party In 2021
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2020 has changed us forever and while it is firmly behind us now there are some holdovers we expect to deal with throughout 2021. One of those holdovers is limited social interactions. Until vaccinations are fully rolled out, we will likely have to take precautions. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy meaningful moments. If you have a birthday coming and you want to celebrate it in style in the comfort of your own home, then you can.

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The Benefits Of A Virtual Party

There are benefits to throwing your party virtually, even if it isn’t quite the same as having everyone with you in person. It provides you and your loved ones with protection from illness and allows you full flexibility to involve as many people as you want. There’s no pressure for people to buy gifts, arrange travel, or even leave the comfort of their own homes. Here are some fresh ideas to get you thinking.

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An Escape Room

This may feel a little too on the nose, as our homes have felt a lot like escape rooms for the last year. However, in this case, there are online escape rooms that you can rope your closest friends into joining. You have a set amount of time to beat the clock.

A Tasting Session

If you have a tight-knit group of friends, this idea might be for you. Have a look for a tasting pack of your favorite drink, whether it be wine, gin, whiskey, or craft beer, and make a night of tasting each one with your friends over video chat. You can discuss your tasting notes, talk about which flavors you prefer, and plan how to utilize them in cocktails too. Since you’re already sipping to see what you like, why not incorporate a game or two into the party?

Afternoon Tea

Piping hot tea, tiny sandwiches, and traditional treats all to be enjoyed over video chat with your closest friends. What better way to celebrate the arrival of another year of your life? Don’t forget the mimosas! They might not make up part of the traditional afternoon tea, but this is your party which means your day can unfold in whatever way you like. In fact, why not extend it beyond the afternoon and take it to dinner too?

The Baker And The Candlestick Maker

Whether you joined in on the sourdough craze last year or not, don’t knock baking until you try it. Why not pick a delicious recipe and get your closest friends on to video chat your way through it as you all tackle the kitchen together? Since you’re embarking on a culinary journey, you should be sure to include some fancy beverages too. If you’re baking sweet things, make chocolate martinis. If you’re into more savory baking, then you can opt for a dry white wine. Whatever you choose, get everyone in on the action.

If baking is too similar to the life you have lived over the last year, why not mix it up and try candle making instead? There are kits to make this easier, but there are plenty of online…

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