7 Girls-Based Startups You Must

7 Girls-Based Startups You Must

Mary Spio, Founder
United States

Premium social digital and augmented actuality experiences, simulating the communal expertise of attending a reside live performance, being in a classroom, attending a sporting occasion, and many others.

How CEEK VR Acquired Began:

“I sold multiple satellite streaming patents to The Boeing company, and helped create Boeing’s Digital Cinema platform, which enabled the digital distribution of movies over satellite. This offered a cost savings to the movie industry; thus, all studios were eager to switch to the technology.

Many of them came to me to help with the transition, being just one person, I created my first company to help studios with the transition. I later saw a vast underserved independent film market and launched an online video platform, after exiting that company; I created CEEK a virtual reality streaming platform for virtual events and experiences once again to fill a massive industry need.”

On Overcoming a Problem:

“Raising capital for female founders is a huge challenge, Fortune magazine reported that last year only 2.2% of VC money went to female founders, the numbers are even worse when you look at black founders.

I focused on offering CEEK’s technology to companies that were looking for VR solutions to generate revenue to build the CEEK VR platform. We managed to get Facebook, Google and Berkshire Hathaway’s Richline as clients which helped in getting the attention of funds for black and brown founders to build our initial platform and partner with the likes of Universal Music, Google and Apple. I also applied to many startup programs, got credit from Amazon to help offset initial server costs and made it into Microsoft for Startups.

It’s been an arduous slow grind, but the process has helped me in building a phenomenal company. Rough waters do really make good sailors; most of the companies that had millions piled on them have gone out of business or been acquired in fire sales, while CEEK is patent-awarded, revenue generating and continue to lead the mobile VR market. We’ve had exclusive VR experiences releases featuring the likes of Demi Lovato, Bon Jovi, DL Hughley and more.

We just extended our partnership with Universal Music and have a pipeline that’s bursting at the seams. We are now being very selective of the kinds of investors that we’ll consider for growth capital.”

Recommendation to Founders from CEEK’s Founder:

For all feminine founders who could also be struggling to boost capital regardless of checking all of the containers, my recommendation is don’t lower corners by enjoying the sport.

What I imply by the sport is including a white male co-founder, graduate from this college or that college and different nonsensical necessities that don’t have anything to do along with your product high quality, firm or its long-term success.

Don’t fill their racist/sexist checkboxes simply to get the cash. As a substitute construct a very nice firm that may be income producing and stand by itself. It could take longer, however it may be finished. It’s the one approach we are able to change the present prevailing mindset — in the event you maintain feeding their views it can by no means change.

There are good individuals on the market in search of nice alternatives. Grind till you discover them. Shield your IP, as a result of there are quite a lot of copycats on the market. 😉

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